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Tank Weighing System

Swisser Rugged and reliable and accurate weighment. Swisser’s models are ideal for accurate weighment of tank, vessel or hopper. Swisser offer wide range of tank scales, weighing and batching system for various vessel weighing solutions. Our Hopper scales may incorporate multiple types of load cells depending on types/number of supports of the hopper.

Tanks or hoppers can be suspended from tension load cells or weigh modules, with accuracy similar to that achievable with compression systems. This mounting method can be convenient if an overhead structure already exists, or if the ground space under the scale must be kept clear. It is applicable for scales with capacities of approximately 20 kilograms (45 lbs.) to 30 tons. Swisser offer silo weighing system which are best suited for rugged and heavy duty applications in various process industries.

Most tanks holding 10 kilograms to 80 tons or more are mounted on compression load cells or compression weigh modules for weighing. The Rocker Pin ensures the best accuracy in case of thermal expansion or contraction. Smaller tanks can be mounted on bench or floor scales, which is convenient for legal-for-trade applications.

Over load Protected Load Cells
Outdoor tanks must have safety features to protect the load cell during installation and operation. Tanks are exposed to wind forces. This requires features for weigh modules to cope with uplift forces on one side and extreme load on the other. Temperature changes can result in expansion and contraction of the support structure. Swisser weigh modules are designed to cope with such circumstances.

Details ;

  • Capacity - 300kg-   to -100 tons
  • 3 load cell or 4 load cell
  • Screw jack facility for easy maintenance